Every Small Business Should Have a Website!

According to Verisign™, Globally, two-thirds
(65 percent) of small businesses with an online presence said they elected to create a company website because it makes their company look more credible. Sixty percent said that a website is critical for a small company’s success.
The vast majority (87%) of consumers search online for a product or service that they need. Having a website not only helps consumers find you, but they can also get information such as business hours and directions.
A website and domain name is a big part of branding your business. With Fleastand Hosting, you will get free email accounts that use your company’s name instead of example: “gmail.com,”
When your business is strictly on social media, then you are cutting off a large population that does not have a social media account. Having a website besides social media accounts, allow you to target more consumers.

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